Hello, on the PyROOT web page, in the secion “Building and installing PyROOT” there is a link to if one clicks on “installation instructions”. This is actually a dead link.

More over, should this page be updated in order to take into account the “cmake installation”. I mean it is now written

[quote]./configure --enable-python [–with-python-incdir=] [–with-python-libdir=]
I think a word should be written about cmake here.


you stumbled on an outdated page: thanks for signalling it!
I updated it and added and redirected : the latter change will be effective in a few minutes.

In short, all what is needed is to use CMake: PyROOT is active by default. As every other package though, development files (headers) will be needed, more specifically Python.h . You should make sure they are available on your system.


Thank you for the update.