PyROOT trouble in v5.14.00c?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been happily running with PyROOT from v5.14.00 on my mac with OS X 10.4.8 (using the Apple python executable) but since I upgraded to the patched version v5.14.00c I cannot load libPyROOT anymore. Python tells me:

dlopen("/sw/share/root/v5.14.00c_gcc4.0/lib/", 2); Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?) zsh: abort python -vvv
Both versions of ROOT have been installed from the binaries.

Is this a known/anticipated problem? Did I do something else wrong?


Doh, scrap that. I must have built the patch version myself and done something wrong…

Ideas are still welcome :wink:


Hi again,

Just to close up: I somehow messed up my v5.14.00c build. It was built against the 2.4 version of Python instead of the 2.3 one like all binary ROOT builds. (Yes, I have one of those macs with two different versions of Python in two different places.)



yes, that’s the issue, and it’s rather comon actually. For reference, if someone else stumbles on this thread, and until that time at which this makes it into the docs (or a proper technical solution is implemented):