PYROOT TGraph blank canvas from function


I am attempting to create a simple TGraph of information from a root file. All the PyROOT demos work appropriately and I am essentially attempting to recreate the demo. However, when I run my code from the command line as:


The resulting canvas is blank. If I run the code from the interpreter, the canvas is again blank until I ‘quit’, due to the piece of code at the end of my file to keep the canvas from disappearing once the code was executed. After I ‘quit’ the code, then the canvas is filled with the TGraph I intended to plot. It also works if I remove the code from the function definition and simply execute the file from the interpreter with execfile(). Below is the code I have:

def fileTimePlots(path, Act, Eng):
    L = []
    X = []
    fname = path + "/INFO/Activation_Scalers.txt"
    with open(fname,"r") as f:
        line1 = int(f.readline().strip().split()[-1])
        line2 = int(f.readline().strip().split()[-1])
    T0 = line1-line2
    fname = path + "/DATA/gamma/" + "GammaData_{}_{}MeV.root".format(Act.replace("_",""), Eng)
    tfile = ROOT.TFile(fname)
    ttree = tfile.fileInfo
    for ev in ttree:
    L = [int(T-T0) for T in L]
    x = array('i', L)
    for key in tfile.GetListOfKeys():
        if key.GetName() != "fileInfo":
    y = array('i',X)
    n = len(L)
    print x
    print y
    gr = ROOT.TGraph(n,x,y)

I am trying to understand why the TGraph does not appear when this function is run.

I was able to get the same behavior from the tutorial by adding

## wait for input to keep the GUI (which lives on a ROOT event dispatcher) alive
if __name__ == '__main__':
   rep = ''
   while not rep in [ 'q', 'Q' ]:
      rep = raw_input( 'enter "q" to quit: ' )
      if 1 < len(rep):
         rep = rep[0]

and then running the from the command line with ‘python’. There again, the canvas was blank.

I am wanting to call this function from a gui, and see the resulting plot. I have checked that all the data in the arrays is correct, but there must be some pythonic issue that I don’t understand that keeps the TGraph from actually plotting.

Thank you.

ROOT Version: 6.14.06
Platform: OSX 10.14
Compiler: Not Provided

Have you tried adding an Update after the draw?


What happens if you click on the canvas, does it refresh and the graph appears?

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