pyROOT not responding when running a file, but responds in terminal


I just downloaded root onto my Mac for the first time and used the conda install method, which installed ROOT Version 6.30/04. I was running a python file that would open a canvas and display a histogram I have saved in a .root file. When I try running this file, the canvas loads but immediately afterwards, the program stops responding. However, if I do the same process line by line in the python terminal, everything loads with no issues and the program doesn’t stop responding. I’m not really sure what the cause could be and couldn’t find anything online so would really appreciate any help I can get!

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the post and welcome to the ROOT Community!

I am doing some wild guessing here, but have you tried running your script with python -i ?

Don’t hesitate to write back if that does not work for you, perhaps with a small reproducer if possible.


That was it, thank you!! Can I ask why we need to include the -i command when running on macOS? I have root on a linux machine as well and have never run into the need for that command before!
Thanks again!