pyROOT not filling the tree correctly when the branch is array

Here is an example code:

from ROOT import TFile, TTree
import numpy as np

f = TFile('example.root', 'recreate')
t = TTree('mytree', 'example tree')

x = np.zeros((2,3))
t.Branch('myarray', x, 'myarray[2][3]/D')

nentries = 25
for i in range(nentries):
   x = np.array([[1+i, 2.+i, 3.+i], [4.+i, 5.+i, 6.+i]])


I got expected root file when uncommenting “print(x)” (up plot), but got wrong root file when “print(x)” is commented (down plot).

_ROOT Version:_root_v6.26.06
Platform: MAC OS 12.5.1
Compiler: Not Provided


The problem is probably that you are setting x inside the loop and thus you are rebinding it to another array. What you should do instead is to reuse the same x (the one you passed to Branch) and modify it inside the loop. Rebinding x just causes the previous array to be garbage collected and the variable will point now to a new place in memory, which is different than what Branch received.

Makes sense. Thank you!

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