pyROOT Module

Currently I am using ROOT-5 and Python-3.8 at 32 bit window-8 operating system.

Successfully installed pyROOT. When I import ROOT on Python shell, getting No module ROOT, why so?

You must call (e.g.) c:\root\bin\thisroot.bat (or any location where ROOT is installed) before starting Python

Importing ROOT module on Python file has been solved.

I am getting another error below.

I Just tried with root v5.34.36 and Python 2.7.9:

Send me tutorial link for the initial phase of ROOT-Python.

Regarding PATHS which inculde in File.

As usual, before using ROOT, you must call C:\where\you\installed\root\bin\thisroot.bat, then, for such a very old version of ROOT, you have to manually add %ROOTSYS%\bin to PYTHONPATH as following: set PYTHONPATH=%ROOTSYS%\bin;%PYTHONPATH%

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