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Dear Experts,

i am try trying to use pyroot in jupyter notebook and I am referring to this link: Then I try to use Classic Notebook and Jupyter Labs for pyROOT. However, when I try to run the very first line: import ROOT gives the error,

Screenshot from 2020-10-12 20-19-23

Can’t I user ROOT and jupyter notebook simply on the browser without doing any installation on my pc?

Would you please help?


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You have to download and install ROOT on your computer, because Jupyter is visualized on your browser but it’s not online, it refers to your computer memory

@sala Thank you for your prompt response. I have ROOT installed in my computer. I will now see how I can get things working. But, why can’t I see your answer like I can see the other answers?

Sorry, now you should be able to see it

thanks again@sala. In addition to installing ROOT, i also need to do the installation for Jupyter right?

Hi Sanjeeda,
yes you do (pip install jupyter should do). If it does not work, check that Jupyter and ROOT share the same path, if you have multiple versions of python ROOT could “link” to one of them and Jupyter to another one

yes, Thank you very much @sala .:slight_smile:

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