PyROOT issue since 6.20

ROOT Version: v6.20.02
Platform: x86_64-centos7-gcc8-opt
Compiler: gcc8

Dear all,

the issue below arises in some python scripts written by a summer student some years ago, as we now migrated it to a centos server … and due to the files we read in written out by root 6.20.2 we need at least this version due to schema evolution.

Thank you a lot in advance for any hints,

PS: I’ll attach the stack trace as file as this form complains about more than 2 links in the post

Stack_Trace.txt (84.0 KB)

the stacktrace shows a crash during the instantiation of ROOT interpreter. That points to a problem with the ROOT installation. Can you run any PyROOT script, or can you use the root interpreter normally with that ROOT installation?


ooof - you are right!

just running / executing “root”

Stack_Trace2.txt (11.0 KB)

oh no … running the following i also encounter an issue:

[czodrows] /var/www/trigl1ct/pbeast_plots > source /cvmfs/

[czodrows] /var/www/trigl1ct/pbeast_plots > root

root: /lib64/ version `CXXABI_1.3.8’ not found (required by root)

Mmmh it looks like your ROOT installation is broken.

My best guess is that a system update upgraded the compiler or similar, and ROOT needs a rebuild against the new toolchain.

ok thanks!

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