Pyroot : FillRandom method with complicated function


is there a way to fill a histogram with the FillRandom method if the function involved is not as simple as in the example below? I am thinking of something like :

def func(x, y, p1, p2 , p3 …, pn):
return z = …

where func is given to a TF2 object
xy = TF2( ‘xy’, ‘func’, x0, x1, y0, y1)

Do you have any suggestions?

Example of working code used above in the text:
# Upper and lower bounds of the 2D histogram and the 2D function:
x0 = 0.
x1 = 100.
y0 = 0.
y1 = 100.

# Simple 2D function to fill the histogram :
xy = TF2( ‘xy’, ‘(x*y)’, x0, x1, y0, y1)

# Create and fill histogram :
bin_no = 11
h3 = TH2D(“h3”, “fill the boxes”, bin_no, x0, x1, bin_no, y0, y1)
n_entries = 1000
h3.FillRandom(“xy”, n_entries)


FillRandom should work with any function provided by the user. The only requirements is that the integral of the function in each histogram bin can be computed

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This should work:

def myfunc(x, y):
  return x*y

xy = TF2( 'xy', 'myfunc(x,y)', x0, x1, y0, y1)

Please note the parameter passing to myfunc in the constructor of TF2.


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