PyROOT:Fill histogram from two numpy array

Dear Experts,

I want to make correlation plot(TH2) from two numpy array.
I tried as below but it is too slow and I don’t know how use multi-threading in python… any idea to make more faster?

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for i in range(len(img1.flatten())):
for j in range(len(img2.flatten())):

Maybe @etejedor can give you some hints

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Dear bellenot
I solve this problem with np.histogram2d as below.

scatter,x_edge,y_edge = np.histogram2d(img1.flatten(),img2.flatten(),bins=(x_edge,y_edge))

for i in range(scatter.shape[0]):
for j in range(scatter.shape[1]):
where each edges mean binning and scatter is matrix

thank you

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Thank you for sharing!

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