PyROOT cannot open file: "Error in <TNetXNGFile::Open>: [FATAL] Auth failed"

Thanks for doing the leg work on this. In addition to assisting those who want to use non-default python versions this is also needed for python3 installations when python2 is the default. I was going to update the other topic, but it is locked. So the best I can do is link it here and hope that it is seen by others with this issue:

You can always create an alias that points to the python2 version:

alias python=python2

Credit to my colleague for pointing out the solution to me.

Yeah, I’ll probably just alias it rather than spend more time working it out.

Thanks again.

Just for the record, if you are using anaconda and relying on LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the like, when you source $ROOTSYS/bin/, that changes LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which may make anaconda software start to use libraries from a different place, e.g. system libraries instead of anaconda libraries. One solution might be to put directories in the right order by hand. I would try with anaconda directories first, then ROOT’s directories, then the system ones. That way anaconda’s python won’t break due to usage of system libraries.

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