PyROOT cannot handle SFINAE member functions?

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ROOT Version: 6.26/08
Platform: CentOS7
Compiler: GCC 11

This might be a niche, but valid C++ usage that I noticed does not hold well in PyROOT environment. Essentially I have some template class which I would like to enable member functions based on what type T it holds. In my full implementation I also place some requirements on the input arguments types but below is a minimal example of just the former consideration:

import ROOT
template <typename T>
struct MyContainer
  template <typename... Args, typename U = T, typename std::enable_if_t<std::is_arithmetic_v<U>,U>* = nullptr>
  auto onlyForNumbers(Args... args)
    ((std::cout << args << std::endl),...);
myContainer = ROOT.MyContainer['double']()

The above C++ source works fine both when statically compiled or called as a root macro. However, PyROOT seems to have trouble with it with the following error message:

input_line_34:6:33: error: no matching member function for call to 'onlyForNumbers'
   ((MyContainer<double>*)obj)->onlyForNumbers<double, double, double, double, nullptr>(*(double*)args[0], *(double*)args[1],
input_line_32:6:8: note: candidate template ignored: invalid explicitly-specified argument for template parameter 'Args'
  auto onlyForNumbers(Args... args)

Am I making a mistake here, or is it a (known?) limitation of PyROOT/cppyy? Thank you for any help in advance!

Hi @taehyounpark,

good to see you again at the forum! Maybe @Axel could help?


Hello, just want to keep this thread alive in case there is a hint on this.

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