PyRoot and ROOT 5.10/00


We’re using ROOT 5.10/00 on windows xp and desire to use PyRoot. Which version of python was the binary distribution of ROOT 5.10/00 built with. Looking at the configuration page: … onfig.html

I would figure some version of python 2.3 was used for the windows builds - is that correct? And if we have some later version of python, we should go ahead and rebuild ROOT from source?



yes, that looks like p2.3. The dumpobj tool from MSVC, or the objdump tool from binutils/cygwin should be able to tell you exactly with which libraries libPyROOT.dll was linked, if you need to be sure.

For newer versions of python, I’d recommend rebuilding: the python.dll that libPyROOT.dll is linked with has a version number (and for 5.10, it could even be linked to the archive instead of shared lib). Reports have it (I’m not a Windows user myself) that even though that’s ok on Linux, it causes problems on MSW when multiple python.dll’s are loaded for the same application.

Note that python APIs are compatible across 2 releases, so p2.3 -> p2.4 may work, p2.3 -> p2.5 highly likely not, even on Linux (it does for the set of unit tests on roottest, though :slight_smile: ). As well, in p2.5 there have been substantial changes to the C-API for 64bits support, that required work even on 32bits. These changes were added in 5.13, when p2.5 beta3 was available. They’re not in 5.10, and that release may therefore not compile with p2.5.