Put Branch inside folder

Dear pyROOTers,

Is it possible to put a branch inside a folder, I know that I can put a tree inside a folder like:

tree = ROOT.TTree('tree','/folder')

and the result tree will be in /folder. How to add a branch ‘br’ inside a ‘folder’, so it can be seen as folder.br

thank you so much

and the result tree will be in /folder

This seems inaccurate. Where did you notice this? (So that we can review this documentation and clarify if need be).

In the notation you mention, the ‘folder’ refers to a TFolder object. When you call

tree = ROOT.TTree('tree','/folder')

a TTree will be created base on the content of the TFolder. To have branch named folder.br, you need to add the corresponding object to the TFolder.


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