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I am one of the project leads on the Binder project (we run One of the frequent questions we receive is how to get data into a binder repo. In particular large data.

We have collected some example on how to do this in I think the ROOT file format and being able to stream it via xrootd is very cool technology that not a lot of other fields of research have. They are mostly still copying the whole file first. Being an ex-CERNiac I think it would be cool to feature xrootd as an example.

Question: where can I find some root files that can be accessed remotely and contain data that is kinda interesting but not too difficult to understand for not-HEP people? The binder compatible HEP repositories on GitHub for teaching and outreach mostly have their data in CSV :-/ Any pointers would be welcome.

Hi Tim,

As you know Go-HEP has such an example :slight_smile:
The issue to make it working with mybinder I encountered is that (it seemed to me) mybinder didn’t open the default port of xrootd.

Dear Tim!

Good to hear from you again!

We certainly have a good choice of public xrootd and http data. I’ll send some examples on Monday; if it’s more urgent and you want to browse yourself: we have added some as input data for RDataFrame tutorials recently.

Thanks for reaching out, more on Monday!



Here we go:

tutorials/dataframe/df102_NanoAODDimuonAnalysis.C and tutorials/dataframe/df103_NanoAODHiggsAnalysis.C have probably the nicest public data sets.

See and for the generated plot; see for the code.

Does this help?

Cheers, Axel.

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Thanks a lot! Those look like good examples.

Now I just need to remember how to use ROOT again :slight_smile:

We’re here to help should you have forgotten parts of it :slight_smile:

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