Prun and pyROOT

Hi all,
I’m attempting to run a python script on the grid through PandaRun using the following command:

prun --exec "python %IN" --inDsTxt $INDATASET --mergeOutput --outDS $OUTDATASET

The jobs are failing and I get the following error message:

‘=== stderr ===
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 11, in
import ROOT
ImportError: No module named ROOT’

I thought pyROOT worked by default on ROOT.

The solution posted here:

is obsolete.
Any suggestion on how to setup pyROOT to run PandaRun is much appreciated!

someone on this forum might indeed know, but since prun is ATLAS software you might have better luck on ATLAS help forums or mailing lists.


Will do, thanks!

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