Protection against large log files


we have observed that when someone sends a job that produces very large log files in the workers, because he forgot to remove debugging printouts, later during the merging process when the master collects all the logs from the different workers, this merging process crashes and the proof daemons are destroyed. I have correlated this crashes with large sizes of log files produced.

Does anyone know a way to protect a proof farm in this kind of situations?
Any configuration parameter that establishes a limit of the size of the log files being collected?

thanks for the help, Carlos

Hi Carlos,

We have recently introduced (5.29/02 and from 5.28/00c) the possibility to truncate the log files.
The directive is

xpd.putrc ProofServ.LogFileMaxSize 100M

The supported unit is {|K|M|G}.

It truncates before executing a command, so crash backtraces should not get truncated.
Keep in mind that it is quite new and experimental.
Let me know if you try.


Hi Gerri

nice that you already have this parameter defined!

I will test it before use it in production and let you know.

thanks, carlos