Propagated Eve tracks not showing up unless I use the editor


I have an odd problem with Eve where tracks I am propagating do not show up unless I use the “Edit Propagator” button in the GUI.

The code where I add the tracks to my scene is in this method:

This uses an experiment specific data binding (LCIO), but I am setting up the tracks in the typical way using the standard classes.

I had thought perhaps the values of Max R and Max Z were the problem, as tracks will not propagate if they are too low. But that doesn’t seem to be it. When I change the slides at all, the tracks immediately show up in the scene, but I cannot get them to render as I switch from event to event, even with hard coded R/Z settings in my code that should be reasonable.

Any idea why this might be the case that they don’t show up by default in a redraw by they get drawn when I use the editor?

The hits and other objects are displaying just fine, and a full redraw does seem to be occurring as I step through events, so basically things are functioning fine except for this.


I think you need to call TEveTrack::MakeTrack() (or TEveTrackList::MakeTracks() if you put the tracks into a list). The propagator knows which tracks it’s supposed to control so this gets called on change of propagator parameters.


Calling MakeTrack() worked. Thank you!

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