ProofServ.Sandbox, $HOME/.proof (again)

(ROOT 5.28/00d (branches/v5-28-00-patches@39587)

I was trying to redirect proof-lites log files normally in directories like.

to some other place:

In fact I see empty directories appearing like:


However the real log files are still at the old place in ~/.proof
I also tried with an entry in ~/.rootrc

I know a sym link can do it but the above would be easier to communicate to other



The variable ‘ProofServ.Sandbox’ is a ROOT-rc variable which needs to be set before starting the session, either in the $HOME/.rootrc file or in the shell before opening PROOF:

root [] gEnv->SetValue( "ProofServ.Sandbox", "/nobackup/etp2/Otto.Schaile/proof");
root [] TProof *p = TProof::Open("")

This should work.
If not, you should at least get some errors from the attempt to set the sandbox in there.

G. Ganis