Proof's tmp

Is there a way to completely prevent PROOF to write to “/tmp” and redirect it to some other directory?
I have used:
[ol] [li]“xpd.tmp”, [/li][li]“xrd.protocol tmp:”, [/li][li]“xpd.workdir”[/li][/ol] and managed to reduce dependency on “/tmp”, but proof still tries to create some files there, for example:

Thank you in advance for any comment or suggestion.

Hi Anar,

Uhm … there were still some hardcoded reference to /tmp around.
I am uploading in SVN a fix for that.

For this:

Could you specify which SVN revision you are using? We recently cleaned up a bit the way directives are treated and we had some (temporary) problem with some of them.
But it should be OK in SVN now.

Sorry for the troubles.


thanks for the comment!

I was using 20369.
Now I am going to recheck the latest SVN head.