PROOF with xrootd on non-standard port

I’ve set up a small (temporary) PROOF-cluster with xrootd running on a non-standard port.
I.e. the xrootd’s config looks like this:

xrd.protocol xrootd *
xrd.port 50002
xrd.protocol xproofd:50001

However, when I try to merge my output the “url” of the files, which are created on the slaves is wrong:
In the log files of the PROOF-slaves I can find the following lines:

 ( INFO  )  TProofOutputFil... : dir: root://<...>

Obviously the port number is missing. I thing the correct url should be

 ( INFO  )  TProofOutputFil... : dir: root://<...>

How do I configure the PROOF-slaves to create the correct URLs including the port number?

Thanks in advance


Dear Jörgen,

With a reasonably recent version (>= 5.25/04) you should be able to achieve that by adding

xpd.putenv LOCALDATASERVER root://<host>:50002

in the config file (nb: leave ‘’ as it is: it will be resolved to the machine host name).

Please try and let me know.

G. Ganis

this config line works well. Especially the “” place holder is very useful to me. Are there more place holders, and where can I find the documentation of them?



Those available are documented in here: … ide#putenv