PROOF- variables within TSelector not passing to different functions

I have a selector which I operate on a TChain, and I call a proof instance. I fill a variable, lets say “A” during the process function of the selector. Print statements reveal that it is indeed getting filled. When I try to use it in the Terminate function a print statement reveals that it is set back to 0. This only occurs when I use it with PROOF.

Is A a data member of the selector?
What type is it?
Could you also specify which ROOT version you are using?

G Ganis

Hey there, I’m using v 6.10.00

A is a Double_t declared in the selector class, in the file selector.h, in

class myselector : public TSelector{}

. That’s where I declare all the variables I use in the selector.

For proof, I have to initialize the histograms in slave_begin, and also add them to the output with


to allow the hists to be shared by the threads. I had hoped that would work for the variable A, but it only works for TObjects.

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