PROOF TChain weighting Bug?

Dear fellow ROOTers,

when I tried porting a plotting script to PROOF I found a problem with weighted TChains - TChain.Draw() does not seem to care for the weight when PROOF is enabled.

I attached you a little example that should produce two plots - out-1.pdf (correct, without proof) and out-2.pdf (faulty, using PROOF). I tested this using ROOT version 5.26).

Suggestions how to resolve it, or if it is a genuine bug would be most welcome.

Thank You,
Gregor (1.15 KB)


Yes, it is a genuine bug. I should have just fix it in the trunk and 5-28-00-patches.
But we are not fixing anymore older versions.
If you compiled your own binaries I can provide a patch. Let me know.
Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.

G. Ganis


thanks for the information! I will switch to the newer version.