PROOF: redirecting log files

I am running root 5.22 using ProofLite on a machine with 8 cores. I’ve been working with PROOF for about a month now with few problems (other than a couple of teething problems).

I am currently using PROOF to analyze a large chain of ntuples, create a subset of these events, and output a large (but much smaller than the original) ntuple. The problem I am having is the avaible space in my $HOME area… it is too small for the log files, let alone the temporary root files before merging.

Is there a way to tell PROOF to re-direct output to another directory?


Dear Trevor,

The location of the PROOF sandboxes is controlled by the ROOTrc variable ‘ProofLite.Sandbox’, the default of which is $HOME/.proof .

You can set such a variable for all your sessions in the file $HOME/.rootrc in such a way that, for example,

$ grep Sandbox $HOME/.rootrc
ProofLite.Sandbox /tmp/prooflite

Hope it helps,

G. Ganis