Proof on single file

Dear expert,
is it possible with proof to parallelize events on a single root file?
This is my problem:
My root file has 500 events, but each event take quite a lot (due to unavoidable loops ) (~8 s).
I tried to run proof on this file, but I see that only 1 worker node, out of the 8 ones defined,
start processing events, as if the proof does not parallelize events inside a single file.

Dear Marianna,

Yes, it should be possible.
Can you run with

   proof->SetLogLevel(2, TProofDebug::kPacketizer)

and post the output that you get on the screen?

Could you also try by setting:

   proof->SetParameter("PROOF_Packetizer", "TPacketizer");
   proof->SetParameter("PROOF_MaxSlavesPerNode", 8);

and see if things go better?


Ps: Please specify also the ROOT version you are using.

Hi Gerri,
I’m using rootVersion=5.34.01-x86_64-slc5-gcc4.3.
The log file is in attachment.
Now with you setting I’m able to run with 8 nodes on a single file.
Thanks a lot,
log_proof.txt (20.7 KB)