Proof on a Fink-based install of ROOT


I’d like to set up Proof on a Mac OS X machine using Fink installed from ROOT. I followed

but TProof::Open fails with

root [0] TProof *proof = TProof::Reset("") Error in <TProofMgr::GetXProofMgrCtor>: can't locate /sw/lib/libProofx Warning in <TProofMgr::Reset>: functionality not supported

The correct path on my machine is /sw/lib/root/libProofx.dylib. If I dig into the source I see

if (!fgTXProofMgrHook) { // Load the appropriate library ... #ifdef ROOTLIBDIR TString prooflib = TString(ROOTLIBDIR); #else #ifndef WIN32 TString prooflib = TString(gRootDir) + "/lib"; #else TString prooflib = TString(gRootDir) + "/bin"; #endif #endif prooflib += "/libProofx"; char *p = 0; if ((p = gSystem->DynamicPathName(prooflib, kTRUE))) { delete[] p; if (gSystem->Load(prooflib) == -1) ::Error("TProofMgr::GetXProofMgrCtor", "can't load %s", prooflib.Data()); } else ::Error("TProofMgr::GetXProofMgrCtor", "can't locate %s", prooflib.Data()); }

I don’t know if this is a problem with Fink or a problem with Proof. In principle I suppose Fink could set ROOTLIBDIR during the build, but why does Proof need special help finding this library? Thanks,


Hi Adam,

Sorry, I just realized that I never replied to this.
However following your post, on June 8th we dropped from CVS any reference to full lib paths when loading plug-ins (which was an historical remnant).
5.16/00 is the first tagged version including the fix.

Sorry again for the delay and for any inconvenience that this problem may have caused to you.

G. Ganis

Hi Gerri,

Just tested it on a Fink install of 5.16 and all seems well. Thanks for the reply,