PROOF Not Building Package


I’m having difficulty getting PAR files to work. I’ve set up everything in the describe file hierarchy. I can run ./PROOF-INF/BUILD.SH and everything gets compiled correctly.

The problem I’m having, however, is when the package is uploaded to the cluster it never gets compiled. I call EnablePackage() on it, and it returns 0, but nothing gets compiled and my jobs fail due to the fact that my package didn’t get compiled.

If I log into a cluster node I can find the package and run “./PROOF-INF/BUILD.SH” and everything works great.

So it really appears that the problem is that BUILD.SH is not getting called.

I have two questions:

  1. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is this a known problem with an easy solution?

  2. How can I debug this situation? I dont see any error messages in any logs regarding the compilation. Does this sort of thing get logged somewhere?


Dear Rob,

Perhaps you have already checked this, but is your script called BUILD.SH or ? PROOF looks for the second.

If you set

root[] p->SetLogLevel(2, TProofDebug::kPackage)
root[] p->EnablePackage("<mypackage>")

you should get some messages saying when it starts building and if the build was OK.

I will add an warning message for the cases when is not found.

G. Ganis

Sneaky! That was it. Thank you very much!