PROOF node disconnects after running SlaveBegin(),ROOT v 6.08/04,CentOS 7.3, gcc4.8.5

Hi, I am running the code on static PROOF cluster of 2 machines with total 96 workers.
Somehow after executing SlaveBegin(), machine 2 always shows connection error. All the data
on machine 1 is processed smoothly. I can’t figure out the problem. I am attaching the logs.
worker-0.0 is on machine 1 while worker-0.47 and worker-0.48 is on machine 2.
worker-0.0-mace02.txt (12.5 KB)
worker-0.48-mace03.txt (62.6 KB)
worker-0.47-mace03.txt (106.5 KB)
master-0-mace02.txt (1.0 MB)

Dear Chinmay,

Any message in the xproofd log file on machine 2?
What happens if you only use machine 2?

G Ganis

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