PROOF-Lite with a . (dot) in user name

I try

root [0] proof = TProof::Open("")
 +++ Starting PROOF-Lite with 4 workers +++
root [1] proof->Print()                                                                  *** PROOF-Lite cluster (parallel mode, 4 workers):
Host name:                  bizet
User:                       Otto.Schaile
root [3] proof->RegisterDataSet("MySusyDC100List#susy", fc, "OV");
Error in <TDataSetManagerFile::ParseUri>: illegal characters in user (uri: 'MySusyDC100List#susy', user: 'Otto.Schaile')

The problem is the dot in my user name.
Is there a way around except going to the “civil registry office” and let change the name??


Just for completeness, following this report and a related one in Savannah
(where a suggestion for a possible fix was also made)
a patch has been upload in the trunk of the ROOT SVN repository and in 5-28-00-patches.

G. Ganis