PROOF Lite Maximum Number of Calls

I’m working on a 24 core machine and am having problems running multiple instances of PROOF Lite. Let’s say I launch one PROOF Lite process on the machine with 6 worker threads, and another with 4 worker threads. These work fine, but when I launch a third process (say, also taking 4 threads) while the first two are still running, it first deletes the files out of the ~/.proof/folder/session-… directory for the first process. While the first process still runs, it fails to merge the (now deleted) output ROOT files together.

Is there some way I can prevent this from happening? I’m running with ROOT v5.34/19. Thanks.

Another common scenario is that Process 2 above finishes before Process 1 does, and then when I launch Process 3 it tries to cleanup (the ongoing) Process 1 instead of (the finished) Process 2.

This was solved by increasing the maximum number of old sessions as detailed in the following link: