PROOF-lite Configuration

There are many possible configuration settings for PROOF: … ence-guide

Is it possible to set some of these for PROOF-lite? If so, could you please provide a step-by-step example? I’m unfamiliar with PROOF(-full) and xrootd.

In particular, I’m interested in changing the “maxoldlogs” setting (when I have multiple PROOF-lite instances running on the same machine, the newer ones tend to wipe out the older ones).



PROOF-Lite does not require any configuration (it does not use xrootd or similar).
Just invoke

root [] TProof * p = TProof::Open("")

to start a session with a number of workers equal to the number of processors on your machine, or

root [] TProof * p = TProof::Open("workers=2")

to control the number of workers (2 in this case).

You can control the logs kept with the ROOT-rc variable ‘Proof.MaxOldSessions’.
The default is 1.
You can change it, for example to 5, in your $HOME/.rootrc file

Proof.MaxOldSessions 5

or in the session before starting PROOF-Lite

root []  gEnv->SetValue("Proof.MaxOldSessions', 5)

Perhaps check with gEnv->Print() that the setting is effective.

Hope it helps.

G Ganis