PROOF: Is there a way to broadcast messages to master?

The same as the title: Is there a way to broadcast messages from workers to master? I see TProof::Broadcast serves the purpose of broadcasting messages to slaves but wondering if there’s a way to broadcast a message the other way around, from workers to master.

FYI: There are some broken links that are main results on google searches related with PROOF:

I understand that technically speaking is a google problem, but it would be nice to preserve/redirect them as they are already indexed and well ranked :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I think @ganis can give you some details

Dear amvargash,

No, there is none.

As for the links, I believe this is due to the move to the new ROOT web site, where the are no PROOF pages. PROOF is legacy mode and it is very difficult to provide any support.
You should really plan to move to RDatatFrame.

G Ganis

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