Proof features

I’d like to know whether the following is implemented, and how to activate it:

  • directing the log of proofd and proofserv into a plain text file, instead of syslogd, with proofd started by a regular user.
  • having the proofd starter process print the forked process’s PID, e.g. to allow a file, to kill the proof process (as in /etc/init.d/proofd stop).

Cheers, Axel.

Hello Axel,

what do you mean with

proof starter process


proof.stop ?

I’m not very familiar with the newest features of ROOT / PROOF but I didn’t notice this features at this time.
We here at GSI controll the whole PROOF-session via LINUX-Shell-Script running on a LSF-cluster.

Cheers Carsten.

Hi Carsten,

[quote=“carsten”]what do you mean with proof starter process[/quote]Proofd forks, and sends a copy of itself into the background. It’d be nice to know the PID of that new process for…

[quote=“carsten”]and proof.stop ?[/quote]…init.rc like scripts: proofd’s start script would be something like “proofd > /var/run/”, and stop would be "kill cat /var/run/".

Does anyone happen to know the answer on putting the logs into files?

Hi Axel,

the log messages of all slaves and the master can be send to a single, user readable file, using syslog. For how see $ROOTSYS/README/README.PROOF.

Currently proofd does not print out its child PID (like rootd is already doing). I will add this.

Cheers, Fons.