PROOF Error handling

Hi all,

In one of presentation about ROOT/PROOF I saw next message:

[quote]Death of slave (to be implemented)
• Master can resubmit packets of death slave to other slaves

In case death of slave can master resubmit packets of death slave to other slaves now?

Thanks in advance,

Still to be done. There are some potential issues with this as you want to resubmit all packages except the last one that caused the crash, as otherwise the crash will propagate to all workers one by one. In either case the analysis is incomplete and it might be better to fix the code instead. Anyway, we are working on this and will give you the option what to do in such a case.

Cheers, Fons.

Tnank you very much for your answer Fons!!!

Small rectification: the re-assignment functionality has been implemented some time ago.
The first implementation was buggy and should got fixed now in the trunk.
However, Fons remarks remain valid, because, depending on the case, re-assignment may
not be what you want (it may crash all your workers, for example). So we still need to provide
a more complete and flexible error handling solution.