PROOF does not produce an output with big files

Hi ROOT experts,

I’m using PROOF to process six big files (more than 20GB each) and a “little” file (about 4.4 GB). If i process the little file with PROOF everything works, the output file is produced. If i process just one of the big files the status bar shown on the GUI reaches 100%, however it does not produce an output, neither it starts to merge the results, it says 1 worker is still sending, but it never ends (i waited more than 1 hour…).
My ROOT version is 5.34/32.

How can i overcome this problem?
Are there some topics/documents about it?

Thanks in advance

Hi Krusty,

our PROOF expert is not around these days but we’ll get back to you asap.
Meanwhile what I can propose is to try out a more recent ROOT version, e.g. 6.10/02.


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