Proof documentation has broken links

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to setup a small proof cluster to make some tests codes, etc. I was reading the PoD doc at root’s webpage ( ), but I’m finding many broken links (download PoD’s link for example). Also I was reading an old example README.proof but it didn’t work for me yet. Does anyone has some kind of tutorial to set up PoD or using xrootd? I want to set up 2 PCs, 1 master and 1 slave for proof.

Thanks in advance!

Dear paguilera87,

The PoD project is discontinued, the web site is not more available. The project is still available on GitHub at , including the documentation under Documentation.

Note that PROOF is in legacy mode. If you are new with parallel processing in ROOT, I suggest that you have a look to RDataFrame, for which an interface with Spark clusters is being developed and prototyped.

G Ganis

Thanks! I used to work with prooflite and now I was thinking in configure proof, but I’ll take a look to RDataFrame to start using it.

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