Proof and MakeProxy

I’d like to use Proof (ProofLite as first test) in combination with a slector generated with MakeProxy. All is ok but I don’t get how to merge the histogram I create in the _Terminate() function.

While in a code generate with MakeSelector, the selector code has the attribute fOutput, in the selector made by MakeProxy I don’t see any fOutput, so I don’t know how to retrieve the histograms that master process should have merged for me.

Thanks, Guido

Hi Guido,

The skeleton generated by MakeProxy inherits from TSelector which defines the data member fInput and fOutput and hence they are available from any of the MakeProxy routines (but of course you need to add your histogram to the list explicitly).


yes, it is true. I was confused by the fact that in the code generated by MakeSelector there is an explicit reference fo fOutput, while in the similar code generated with MakeProxy fOutput is not explicit.

Thanks, Guido