Dear RooT-proof friends,

I’d like to use PROOF in order to speed up my analyses. However, since I do not own a computer cluster, I thought it a good idea to abuse the Grid. :smiley:

My naive question is this: Can I use PROOF on the Grid without having root-priviliges on the grid machines and without any special software installed beside RooT? This is not clear to me from the documentation.

Your comments or better first hand reports are appreciated very much.

Dear Oliver,

The way to use PROOF on GRIDs is to start the daemons on the nodes to serve PROOF sessions.

The daemons do not require root-privileges and they just require ROOT installed. However, the worker nodes should allow incoming connections (from the master): this is typically not the case on GRIDs.
A possible solution is to have the workers to call back the master. A few months ago Anar Manafov from GSI ( start looking at enabling PROOF using a call back model. You may contact him directly to check the status and also to get some advise.

If you think that connectivity is not a problem then I can try helping you in setting up a cluster.

G. Ganis