Projection of a part of 2D spectra

Dear Rooters,
I have a 2D histogram of a mask image drawn by alpha particles on my MCP detector. I forgot to put the mask parallel to any axis so that I can cut out a slice and fit to see the resolution. What I want is to get an angular cut through the series of holes and then project it on the x-axis. Then fit a part of the projected spectrum. With the graphical cut option, I can select the area by mouseplay but not getting what to do after that. Kindly rush with any help on this. I am using root ver 3.10/02


The [cutg] option is available only in version 4.01.
See … nter:Paint
Look at section :smiley:rawing a sub-range of a 2-D histogram; the [cutg] option

For Projection with a cutg, see: … rojectionX … rojectionY