Process events while waiting for command line input

Dear all,

I would like to be able to process events (e.g. zoom in a canvas) while waiting for a user input on the command line. This has always worked for me under Linux using an asynchronous TTimer to run gSystem->ProcessEvents() as shown in the following example:

[code]void EventTester()
TF1 * func = new TF1(“func”,“sin(x)”,-10,10);

TTimer* timer = new TTimer("gSystem->ProcessEvents();", 50, kFALSE);

TString s;
cin >> s;

delete timer;
delete func;


However, in Windows 7 this seems to fail. I cannot do anything until the user input is finished. Is this known? Is there another way to achieve this functionality in Windows?

ROOT version is 5.32/00.

Thanks and best regards,


Hi Sven,

I’m afraid there is no simple solution to this issue. But you could use something like described in this thread

Cheers, Bertrand.