Problems with vector<TMatrixD*>

Dear all,

I am trying to create a vector of TMatrix* in python. So far I have succeed doing that for a vector<TVectorD*> by creating the dictionary:


in the python script, then I can make

MyVector = std.vector(‘TVectorD*’)()

and it seems to work fine. However I am trying to do the same for a vector<TMatrix*>:


but when I try to generate the dictionary it gives an error (below): Any hint of what could be going on? please do not hesitate to ask me any further information you may need.


remove all (if any) local AutoDictTMatrixD files and then use TMatrixD.h instead of TMatrixT.h for the include:gInterpreter.GenerateDictionary('vector<TMatrixD*>','TMatrixD.h;vector')

Thanks a lot, it works great now.