Problems with TEmbeddedCanvas in a standalone GUI

Hi Rooters,

I have written an GUI for an existing package. It is a user"s whish to have both possabilities, use it as a macro or as an stand alone programm.

As a macro it is doing fine, but if I use it as a stand alone excecutable an error occurs. As you can see in the screenshot the left Canvas is not displayed correctly. About 20% remain white, but they are fully functional. If you click on one of the thumbnail plots in the left canvas it will open in the right one. This also works for the non displayed plots.

I have double checked the code for filling the left and the right canvas, but both end identically with


and I have no idea why the right one is working fine while the left has this error.

I am grateful for every hint where to look for the error.

Regards, Oliver
I am using root 4.04

Hm, I found the reason for the occuring error.

I have createt the embedded Canvas with

fEcanvas = new TRootEmbeddedCanvas( 0, fMain, 360, 330 );

After creating the Canvas with size (360,420 ) the problem disappears