Problems with Options Using Makefile.arch on Mac OS X 10.3

Hello, My platform is Mac OS X with development tools installed (gcc 3.3). I installed root 4.00/06 using fink with no problems. I am now trying to compile and run an existing program that was working on the redhat platform. The makefile structure is similar to what is in the “test” directory of the root distribution. I am using the “Makefile.arch” file exactly, and then a custom makefile for our program. Compiling is failing with this error:

I looked at the libtool manpage and it truly does not know of an option called “-bind_at_load”, though the c++ program has this option. Sorry that I only know the basics of C++ compiling right now, and don’t know what many of these options are for.

Attatched are the Makefiles. Note that ‘root-config -arch’ gives me ‘macosx’.

-Ricky Egeland

Ooops, my files didn’t attach, let me try again…

oh I had to put them in an archive…
Makefiles.tar.gz (3.13 KB)

My suggestion would be to start from the CVS head.


Sorry, I don’t think I understand that statement. Are you saying I should install ROOT from CVS and try again?

  • Rick Egeland