Problems with IdleTimer in WinNT system

Hi there,
I found that IdleTimer function set up by myapp->SetIdleTimer()
doesnt raise in myapp->Run() function on winntgdk system (windows xp, root v4.xx)
on linux/cygwin everything is o.k.
Looking closely into Run() function I saw
dispatchoneevent function sandwiched between
gapplication->startidleing() / stopidleing() calls.
I cant figure out the reason to do that and ,more.
I would expect such combination might not work as timers
always reset just before dispatchoneevent is called
(if gapplication==myapp which seems to be my case).
So I did remove the above pair of calls
and everything works great now. Unix version also keeps working.
unix/win difference seems to be due to different select functions.

Cheers V

Hi vitali,
I missed this message, sorry.
I see a difference between linux and win32gdk.
I’m investigating it.

For while, could you survive by using an ordinary timer?
You can use global function ConnectCINT defined in TQObject.h
which connects signal to gInterpreter->ProcessLine method.
For example:

That will execute .!dir command every 2 seconds

Thanks. Regards. Valeriy