Problems with h2root on amd opteron


I have problems running h2root on a machine with the amd opteron cpu. I compiled cernlib 2004 and root 4.02 without problems, but when i try to convert an hbook file h2root crashes with the message:

*** Break *** segmentation violation
Generating stack trace…
0x000000000041a211 in hgnt2_ + 0xbad from ./h2root
0x000000000041959a in hgnt1_ + 0x296 from ./h2root
0x00000000004192fd in hgnt_ + 0x39 from ./h2root
0x000000000040de89 in convert_cwn(int) + 0x879 from ./h2root
0x000000000040e5cd in convert_directory(char const*) + 0x11d from ./h2root
0x000000000040e99e in main + 0x15e from ./h2root
0x0000002a97c5100d in __libc_start_main + 0xfd from /lib64/tls/
0x000000000040c70a in s_copy + 0x3a from ./h2root

if i compile everything the same way on a 32bit cpu everthing works fine.
does anyone have an idea, what i am doing wrong?



Could you post somewhere the hbook giving problems?


sure, one of the ntuples is available at … est.ntuple