Problems with fonts when starting root

I managed to install root 5-34-36 on a Ubuntu machine but when starting root, I get the following error:

Couldn’t find font “-adobe-helvetica-medium-r---10-----*-iso8859-1”,
trying “fixed”. Please fix your system so helvetica can be found,
this font typically is in the rpm (or pkg equivalent) package
XFree86-[75,100]dpi-fonts or fonts-xorg-[75,100]dpi.

as I suggested I installed with apt-get install the corresponding packages but I still have the same error message.
What to do?

It seems a similar question was answered here:

Hi! I had already installed the packages but I did not reboot the system. I also modified the system_rootrc file as suggested in the other thread you referred to. In any case, now the error is gone. Many thanks!

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