Problems with compilation/tutorials of root 5.09/01 from cvs

Dear Rooters

Yesterday evening I downloaded the newest root version from cvs
on my Mac PowerBook. In order to have identical versions on my
Mac and my Intel Laptop I copied the root directory which I down-
loaded on my PowerBook to my Intel Laptop.
On the Mac I could compile root w/o problems. However, when trying
to compile the same version on my Laptop with FC4 I got the
following problems:

1, configure results in the following error:
[Rabbitus@localhost root]$ ./configure linux
awk: cmd. line:1: fatal: cannot open file `config/ARCHS’ for reading (No such file or directory)

Checking the configure file I had to change line 637 from “ARCHS=config/ARCHS” to “ARCHS=config/archs”.

2, make results in the following error:
cp gui/inc/TGTextBuffer.h include/TGTextBuffer.h
cp gui/inc/TGTextEntry.h include/TGTextEntry.h
cp gui/inc/TGMsgBox.h include/TGMsgBox.h
cp gui/inc/TGMenu.h include/TGMenu.h
make: *** No rule to make target gui/inc/TGGC.h', needed byinclude/TGGC.h’. Stop.

Is this a problem of the new root version or is it not possible
to download root from cvs on one computer and compile it on
another computer?

Tutorial shapes.C
On the Mac I tried some tutorials, and the tutorial “shapes.C” caused root to hang.
I had to kill root.
Is there a problem with this tutorial on the Macs?

Best regards

Hi Christian,

it is called config/ARCHS. The fact that you have config/archs makes me guess that you’ll also have gui/inc/tggc.h instead of gui/inc/TGGC.h. So something went wrong when you copied the files from you Mac to your Linux installation. Solution: download v5.08.00_source.tar.gz (from 2005-12-15) on both machines, and build from that.

I’ll ask around (on Monday) about your problem with the geo tutorial on the Mac.

Cheers, Axel.


after copying (or before so you will copy much less) the cvs, do “make distclean” to get rid of any previous build products and try again ./configure/.
If it does not work for some reason, just get a fresh copy of the sources. ROOT compiles fine on my FC4 machine.

I’ll check later the shapes.C problem on the Mac.

Cheers, Fons.

Following up on myself, note that MacOS X is case insensitive, so depending on how you did the copy, the upper cases might have been changed to lower case. Just take a new copy of the sources.

– Fons

Dear Axel, dear Fons,

Thank you for your fast replies and hints.
I know that the Mac is case insensitive but this has never be a problem.
But this reminded me that my mistake could be the following:
I have copied the root directory first to an external hard disk which is
VFAT (!!!) formatted. Although the files there are still uppercase, it seems
that mounting this harddisk on Linux and copying to the ext3 formatted
Laptop disk caused the change from uppercase to lowercase :frowning:
(I know why I never liked M$)

Best regards