Problems with CloneTree


I have a chain with many friend-chains and I would like save a subset of events in new trees. To do this, I use CloneTree tool.
This is the code:

Int_t i=0; tree_clone[i++] = fChain->GetTree()->CloneTree(0); TList *li = fChain->GetListOfFriends(); TIter next(li); TFriendElement* T_friend=0; while( (T_friend = (TFriendElement*)next()) ){ tree_clone[i++] = T_friend->GetTree()->CloneTree(0); }

After creating the code, I apply some selection cuts and, for the selected events, I call the Fill() method for each one of the clone trees:

for(Int_t i=0; i <ntreemax>Fill();

As a whole it seems to work (I get the cloned trees, with the number of entries I expect. I checked also the values of some variables and they look ok).

However, for some of the trees (not all) in the chains I get the following error message, when colling the Fill() method:

[quote]Error in : The element NDLevel2::unpackError type 103 (Int_t) is not supported yet

What is the meaning of this message?

Thank you in advance for the help,

(My root version is 5.12/00e )

[quote]The element NDLevel2::unpackError type 103 (Int_t) [/quote]This indicates that unpackError exist in the input file for the class NDLevel2 but does not for the description of NDLevel2 in memory (aka unpackError has been removed).