Problems with arrays of primitives in TTree

See the attached files.

I want to create a TTree with an array of floats as a branch. I use makeFakeTree.C to do this. Then, I want to read them back out of the tree. I use readFakeTree.C to do this. When I run makeFakeTree to make the tree, everything runs fine. When I run readFakeTree, I get nothing as output–just newlines, in this case. I would guess something’s wrong with my insertion, because I referenced an earlier post (#2455) about reading out arrays from trees and I assume that code was valid. I’m using ROOT v5.08.

makeFakeTree.C (412 Bytes)
readFakeTree.C (451 Bytes)

Never mind. I’m an idiot. I set the address of one variable twice and the other not at all.