Problems while installing Root

Please provide the following information:

ROOT Version (e.g. 6.12/02): 6.12/06
Platform, compiler (e.g. CentOS 7.3, gcc6.2): Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, gcc5.4.0

problem.txt (317.6 KB)
While installing root, when I’m running the make command, after 100% the terminal is showing:
Generating dictionary math/mathcore/src/G__MathCore.cxx…
ROOTIGNOREPREFIX=1 bin/rootcling -rootbuild -v1 -f math/mathcore/src/G__MathCore.cxx -s lib/ -rml -rmf lib/libMathCore.rootmap -m lib/libCore_rdict.pcm -c -writeEmptyRootPCM -I/home/sayan/NEWROOT/root-6.12.06 TComplex.h TKDTreeBinning.h TKDTree.h TMath.h TRandom1.h TRandom2.h TRandom3.h TRandom.h TStatistic.h Math/AdaptiveIntegratorMultiDim.h Math/AllIntegrationTypes.h Math/BasicMinimizer.h Math/BrentMethods.h Math/BrentMinimizer1D.h Math/BrentRootFinder.h Math/ChebyshevPol.h Math/DistFuncMathCore.h Math/DistSampler.h Math/DistSamplerOptions.h Math/Error.h Math/Factory.h Math/FitMethodFunction.h Math/Functor.h Math/GaussIntegrator.h Math/GaussLegendreIntegrator.h Math/GenAlgoOptions.h Math/GoFTest.h Math/IFunction.h Math/Integrator.h Math/IntegratorMultiDim.h Math/IntegratorOptions.h Math/IOptions.h Math/IParamFunction.h Math/IRootFinderMethod.h Math/KDTree.h Math/LCGEngine.h Math/MersenneTwisterEngine.h Math/Minimizer.h Math/MinimizerOptions.h Math/MinimTransformFunction.h Math/MinimTransformVariable.h Math/MixMaxEngine.h Math/ParamFunctor.h Math/RandomFunctions.h Math/Random.h Math/RichardsonDerivator.h Math/RootFinder.h Math/SpecFuncMathCore.h Math/StdEngine.h Math/TDataPoint.h Math/TDataPointN.h Math/TRandomEngine.h Math/Types.h Math/VirtualIntegrator.h Fit/DataRange.h Fit/PoissonLikelihoodFCN.h Fit/LogLikelihoodFCN.h Fit/SparseData.h Fit/FitResult.h Fit/Fitter.h Fit/BinData.h Fit/FitUtil.h Fit/FcnAdapter.h Fit/Chi2FCN.h Fit/FitData.h Fit/BasicFCN.h Fit/DataOptions.h Fit/FitConfig.h Fit/ParameterSettings.h Fit/FitExecutionPolicy.h Fit/UnBinData.h /home/sayan/NEWROOT/root-6.12.06/math/mathcore/inc/LinkDef.h
bin/rootcling: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
/home/sayan/NEWROOT/root-6.12.06/math/mathcore/ recipe for target ‘math/mathcore/src/G__MathCore.cxx’ failed
make: *** [math/mathcore/src/G__MathCore.cxx] Error 127

I also attached a txt file containing the detailed terminal message. Please help me out with this problem.
Thank You

Please note that the ROOT Team provides ready to use binary distributions and the “Ubuntu 16 gcc5.4" is one of the supported systems.

I used binary releases before. They used to give random errors. That’s why I want to build from source. Is it not possible ?

But if I remove “Anaconda”, Then will PyRoot work properly? If I install Anaconda after installing ROOT, will there be some kind of problem? Please let me know in details.

Just like you said, I removed anaconda and tried to reinstall root from the scratch and terminal output is like this:problem2.txt (44.7 KB)
PLease help me out.
Thank you.

/bin/sh: 5: curl: not found

Is there some problem with downloading or untaring ? what should I do?

ROOT forum -> Search -> curl

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